My Passion for Children’s Rights


   As a 15 year old I have a motive to work with children across the world to help give them the voice they need to share their stories. Still being a teen I have seen many bullying cases all across school that I hate to have to see. I stand against bullying extensively and that is why I want to work to help these kids who are being picked on and bullied to be able to let them express how they feel. I believe that in our society bullying can be stopped but needs to be put in action immediately. Yes, maybe I don’t have a huge story of me being a refugee and living in a war fighting country so maybe my story isn’t very eye-catching. But when I say I have a passion to fight for me and every child’s rights I mean it. We as children should be privileged enough to be able to share anything we have to say. If I got to tell every bully out there just one thing I would say that there is never a wrong time to not stop. The phrase “might as well just keep going” is the opposite of how I feel in this situation. No, if you are ever in a situation where you are bullying someone, you should not once think “might as well keep going.” There can be an end to all the bullying but it has to happen from us. There are many children that work with UNICEF that are also like me who have an incentive to protect our rights. For example, Millie Bobby Brown, a world renowned actor who takes time out of her day to help vulnerable children that are scared to go to school which motivates me and most likely millions of other children to also go out of their way to help them. That’s why I love VOY because you guys provide children like me to share their message.