「ボイス・オブ・ユース JAPAN」(VoYJ)では若者の自由な考え方で形作られた思いや実際の「声」を掲載しています。難しいことはありません。若者の皆さんは自分の思いを自由に書いて「声」として発信すれば良いし、読者の皆さんはその「声」を純粋に楽しんでもらえれば良いのです。








Dear the youth in the world,

Do you have a chance to express yourself freely, or have a chance to capture a straightforward thought from someone of your age?

Dear all adults in the world,

Do you have a chance to meet the actual feelings of the youth?

We do not think there are many who can answer yes to these questions. To be honest, it can feel embarrassing to express our beliefs to our friends and our families, and we don’t have the opportunity to do so either. The feeds flow away rapidly on our SNS.

Even if we envisage numerous issues every day, there are many “voices” who simply disappears before being known by others.  

However, encountering new opinions that emerge from a different background is always exciting and thought-provoking.

Voice of Youth JAPAN (VoYJ) publishes the actual “voices” that were created by the unfettered thoughts of the youth. There is nothing difficult, the writers can freely express their “voice” and the readers can simply enjoy reading them through this platform.


VoYJ is run by students in Japan in partnership with the UNICEF Tokyo Office and the Japan Committee for UNICEF.

We will be publishing articles written by the youths, columns featuring interviews with staff members at UNICEF or other United Nations agencies, and information about our events.

Furthermore, we wish to make this online-platform into a place where everyone has access to meet the voices from all generations from various communities.

You are welcome to comment on each article, but please keep your respect in mind to each writer.

Welcome to Voice of Youth JAPAN and enjoy your visit!